Single Origin: Brazil Fazenda Rancho Grande Natural Anaerobic

Single Origin: Brazil Fazenda Rancho Grande Natural Anaerobic - Soon Specialty Coffee

Single Origin: Brazil Fazenda Rancho Grande Natural Anaerobic

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Mr Aneite Reis started producing coffee at Rancho Grande Farm in 1933. The family business has been carried on by the second and third generation who also rear cows for dairy and meat production, and subsidise electricity and food for their team members living on the farm.

Recently, new farming techniques such as static drying boxes have been adopted to improve coffee bean production. Static drying boxes are 1m deep boxes with capacity for 15 cubic metre of cherries. The vented grill at the bottom of the box allows air to circulate from the bottom to dry the coffee.

Coffee cherries at the Rancho Grande Farm are mechanically harvested, and the ripened cherries are sorted by differences in density before being placed into the static drying boxes.

The drying temperature is maintained at 35 degrees for roughly 11 days until the moisture level reaches 11.6%, after which the coffee is left to rest for a further 26 days to stabilise moisture levels to below 11%.  

Country: Brazil 
Region: Fazenda Rancho Grande

Process: Natural Anaerobic  
Roast: Medium 
Taste Note: Tropical Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Molasses


产区:Fazenda Rancho Grande 
风味: 热带水果,黑巧克力,糖蜜


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