Roaster Select Subscription Box - Espresso Assortment

Roaster Select Subscription Box - Espresso Assortment - Soon Specialty Coffee

Roaster Select Subscription Box - Espresso Assortment

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Introducing the Roaster Select Subscription Box – your monthly gateway to the world of rich, bold flavours and tantalizing aromas. Crafted for true coffee connoisseurs, this premium subscription box delivers a handpicked selection of the finest espresso beans, sourced from top coffee farms around the globe.

Each month, you'll receive an expertly curated assortment of two luxurious espresso blends (250g each), each with its own unique flavour profile, story, and roasting techniques. Our team of seasoned coffee roasters carefully selects each blend to ensure a diverse, satisfying experience that caters to every espresso lover's palate.

What's Inside:

  1. Exclusive Espresso Blends: Savor the taste of the world's finest espresso beans, skillfully roasted to perfection to bring out their unique flavor notes and fragrances. Each box includes a mix of single-origin and blended beans from renowned coffee-growing regions like Colombia, Ethiopia, and Sumatra.

  2. Tasting Notes & Brewing Tips: Unlock the full potential of your espresso experience with detailed tasting notes and brewing tips for each blend. Learn about the beans' origins, roasting techniques, and the ideal brewing methods to extract the most delectable flavours and aromas.

  3. Sustainability Commitment: Our subscription box is a treat for your taste buds and the planet. We are dedicated to working exclusively with ethical and eco-friendly coffee suppliers, ensuring that our beans are sourced responsibly and with minimal environmental impact.

Subscribe to the Roaster Select Subscription Box today, and embark on a caffeinated journey like no other. Explore the rich tapestry of flavours, awaken your senses, and indulge in the ultimate espresso adventure – delivered right to your doorstep. Sip, savour, and discover the world of premium espresso, one luxurious blend at a time.

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