Drip Coffee Box (8 Packets) - Indonesia Flores Manggarai

Drip Coffee Box (8 Packets) - Indonesia Flores Manggarai - Soon Specialty Coffee

Drip Coffee Box (8 Packets) - Indonesia Flores Manggarai

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We would like to introduce you to our all time best seller product - Soon Specialty Drip Coffee.

Soon Specialty Drip Coffee allows you to enjoy a good cup of coffee with little effort anytime, anywhere. It is also exceptionally popular for coffee enthusiast who travels a lot and want to enjoy good coffee during their journey.

Each packet is 12g, you will get 8 packets (8 servings) for a total 96g

About Award Winning Flores Manggarai Coffee

In 2015 when Flores Manggarai won the Champion of Specialty Coffee Contest (KKSI), it was then crowned the title of best coffee in Indonesia.

SCAA Expo 2016 in Georgia claimed that Indonesia is "the best town of coffee origin".

Flores Manggarai was one of the 14 brands that were being featured in the Indonesian Specialty Coffee Auction happened in October 2016.

The Anaerobic Process gives Flores Manggarai coffee a well-balanced, captivating taste with an impressive composition of flavour in a cup.

Started off with juicy sweetness from the tropical fruits - longan & mango, this fruity hint gives your palette a great depth of flavour & long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

The sweetness is then gently melded in the subtle roselle tang to complement a delicate acidity to the coffee without any tartness.

Thanks to the smooth notes of cinnamon, it harmoniously rounded the final edge of the taste profile which create a well blend of sweetness and citrusy that gives you the impression of moscato during summer.

Definitely a perfect cup of coffee that gets you up early and energises you for a whole new day!

Taste Note:Moscato, Roselle, Cinnamon Sugar
Region: Flores Manggarai
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Varietal: Kartika

Roasting: Medium Light

风味 : 气泡酒,洛神花,肉桂糖

Soon Specialty Drip Coffee Brewing Guide:
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