Single Origin - Kenya Washed AA Kiriaini

Single Origin - Kenya Washed AA Kiriaini - Soon Specialty Coffee

Single Origin - Kenya Washed AA Kiriaini

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Origin: Kenya
Region: Murang’a County
Process: Washed
Varietal: SL28,SL34 & Ruiru11
Roasting Level: Medium Light
Taste Notes: Floral, Citrus Fruits, Chocolate

Located just south of Ethiopia, Kenya is well known for producing excellent cups of coffee. This is largely due to the excellent research and development of coffee and the country's highly educated farmers. In Kenya, a grading system is used for all of its exported coffee, regardless of whether the lot is traceable. This system is based on the bean size and some of you may or may not have come across terms such as AA, AB, PB when looking at a bag of Kenyan coffee.

This Kenya comes from the Muranga'a region of Kenya, within the Central Province. The volcanic soil in the region helps give these AA beans a wonderful flavour!
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