"1 Year Supply Of Coffee"

RM999.00 MYR
  • "1 Year Supply Of Coffee" - Soon Specialty Coffee - Malaysia First Direct Fire Coffee Roaster

"1 Year Supply Of Coffee"

RM999.00 MYR


You will receive 2 deliveries per month (for 12 months), each delivery consist of 250g of specialty coffee from one of our 4 seasons blend 

-夏 Natsu Blend 250g 
- 春Haru Blend 250g
- 秋Aki Blend 250g 
- 冬Fuyu Blend 250g

You will get
- 2 x 250g per month
- FREE delivery for all 24 deliveries throughout the year
- Bonus specialty beans from time to time (our treat)

You can choose to change your choice of coffee blend for the next month by messaging us or sending us an email before day 14th of every month

Coffee Blend of Choice: