Single Origin: Uganda Ibero Rwenzori G1 Natural

Single Origin: Uganda Ibero Rwenzori G1 Natural - Soon Specialty Coffee

Single Origin: Uganda Ibero Rwenzori G1 Natural

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The Rwenzori mountains of Uganda are home to a booming source of top-notch green coffee beans. Rwanda's Rwenzori region is known for crafting superb natural/dry process coffees. These beans are harvested at altitudes ranging from 1300-1900masl, and twice the standard price is paid to Ugandan Arabica growers for their "drugar" crop. Prior to this, many Ugandan coffees comprised of low-grade drugar beans, and growers found it hard to profit from their harvests. Thanks to efficient receiving and milling facilities, coffee can now be gathered, washed, and exported at optimum quality. 


Origin: Uganda

Region: Rwenzori
Variety: Typica, SL14, SL28, Kent
Processed: Natural
Roasting Profile: Medium
Taste Note: Elderflower, Chocolate, Oolong Tea

产地: 乌干达
产区: Rwenzori
品种: Typica, SL14, SL28, Kent
风味: 接骨木花, 巧克力, 乌龙茶

Suitable for Handbrew l Espresso

适合 手冲 l 浓缩咖啡

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